Gisèle Elisse Magnin is a songwriting and creative writing graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. Known for controversial literature, poeticism, fragments, rhythm, innovation, hybrids—she often explores a multitude of genres featuring lesbian leads, occasionally pressing boundaries with an air of tragically dark comedy, then diving into the depths of heartbreak, obsession, circumstantial irony. Her works are at times unpredictable. A loose cannon in a blaze of broken normalcy and farfetched imagination. You never quite know what you're going to get with her, for it's always changing.

Recognized for her signature black wardrobe, a characteristic she ties to both her heroines and antagonists. The majority of her works feature characters struggling with or playing with imbalanced morality, idealism, perfectionism. Characters desperate for love, but struggling to create it in a world that refutes all their attempts. Her erotic shorts sprint between sensuality and social awkwardness, making the readers swoon or squirm in discomfort and embarrassment. Did she really just say that? YES, she did; and she was equally embarrassed as the reader, when she first wrote it, as when she last read it. All the monsters wear masks, and all the masks wear monsters, for laughter and love, heaven and hell, and everything in-between and out of this world.

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